Turbotech’s offering of Automated Power Plant Optimization Systems


Apart from being Pioneer with Turbo Machinery Systems, TurboTech also support in Power Plant Optimization Systems in order achieve High Capacity and Capability Utilization that shall result in cost savings adding to the Bottom Line of the Organization. What’s interesting is that, it is an automated system that calls for no day to day intervention to the system. All the Plant Personnel needs to do is to review and interpret the results and fine tune their other systems for making the best out of their own system


The Background

TurboTech has one of its valuable steam turbine installation at a Reputed Customer Power Plant.

Apart from providing the steam turbine package, TurboTech also had provided with the Power Plant Optimization System as part of providing additional value to the solution.


The Features

The above picture depicts a Snapshot of the Power Plant Optimization System provided by TurboTech at this Customer Power Plant that is in function for more than 4 Years in a Row.

From the picture, it shall be observed that:

At any point of time, the data related to the following is continuously collected and based on the same: Charts, Reports and Trends are generated for the review of the Engineer/Manager

  1. Steam Circuit (Inlet Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Exit Pressure, Temperature and Flow) at Given Instantand on Totalized Values
  2. Electric Power Circuit (Power Generated that Hour, Totalized Power Output)
  3. Cooling Water Circuit (Instant Value and Totalizer Values)
  4. Instrument Air Circuit (Instant Value and Totalizer Values)
  1. Valve % Opening at any Time (Showing the Steam Utilization Coefficient)
  2. Generator Consumption Pattern at any Time (Showing the Power Utilization Coefficient)
  3. Actual Real Time Data Vs Originally Designed System Specification for each and every system associated (Pertaining to Steam, Electricity, Water and Air)

The Benefits

The System is intelligent enough to generate the charts and reports of actual data against design data and generate the trend of each and every attribute related to steam, electricity, air and water utilised. And it is provided at any instant of time. The ultimate benefit is the availability of information in a crisp, ready to use, value add format.

Technical Benefit

With this available information ready in hand, the Plant Engineering Team shall work on the fine tuning of the inter linked systems on their plant to inch them towards the design value of operation and thusthe maximised utilisation and productivity is achieved on each and every interconnected system.


Commercial (Management Benefit)

Fuel being the most expensive commodity today and every other plant attribute(Steam, Electric Power, Auxiliaries) is a derivative function of the Fuel System:

Customer is able to make significant cost savings as their Utilization of Capacity and Capability is at the maximum levels as the situation is totally under their control due to the automated plant optimisation system.

The Practical Results are very encouraging:

Technical Productivity Improved by 25% and It resulted in Commercial Cost Savings to the Tune of 15%in this subject case of installation.


Powerplants with, Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Thermal, Large Diesel Engines and HRSG

  • Annual Operations & Maintenance Contracts
  • Overhaul, Refurbishment, Upgradation and Renovation
  • Erection, Testing and Commissioning
  • Technical Manpower

Erection and Commissioning

  • Installation of Steam Turbines
  • At TurboTech, in addition to manufacturing, we also handle the installation and commissioning of steam turbines up to 5.0MW to offer you a convinient all-round service from start to finish.
  • Sales and Support
  • To make sure that our products are operating to their fullest potential throughout their lifetime, we provide comprehensive after sales support in terms of steam turbine overhauling, troubleshooting and general health maintenance.


  • DCS and SCADA Programme Setup
  • Our engineers also implement large-scale DCS and SCADA programme setup in order to make sure that control over various elements of your systems are running properly and efficiently. Monitoring through these systems is key for you to ensure that your processes are running smoothly.

O & M

  • Not only do we manufacture high-grade components and machinery, but we also undertake periodic maintenance for steam turbines too. Our after-sales team and technicians work hand-in-hand to offer the best utility in supplying spare parts and servicing of steam turbines to ensure product reliability and that your manufacturing processes are kept lean and hassle-free.


  • Through are expertise, we are proud to be named as one of the leading approved vendors for the supply of aerospace components to the prestigious HAL.

Power Plant Optimization Systems

  • Our Automated Power Plant Optimization Systems
  • In addition to being a pioneer with turbomachinery systems, TurboTech also provides support to power plant optimization systems in order achieve high capacity and capability utilization which results in cost savings for your company. The system that we have devised is automated and calls for no day-to-day intervention. The requirements of the plant personnel are to only interpret the results and use them to fine-tune their systems, with data being continuously collected through charts, reports and trends. A snapshot of the system can be seen above.
  • Applications in the Industry and its Features
  • One of our projects was to comission a custom steam turbine at a key power plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. With this, we also provided a power plant optimization system alongside it- this added a necessary addition to the function of the plant.


  • Benefits of Our Power Plant Optimization Systems
  • Our innovative system that we have carefully developed utilizes advanced programming to generate charts and reports of real data and compares it with the original design data. Trends of every reading related to steam, electricity, air and water are utilized and can be created at any point in time. This allows the plant engineering team the ability to work on fine-tuning inter-linked systems to increase productivity and reduce costs due to them having total control.
  • A Practical application of the system has seen productivity improve by 25%, increasing utilization and stream lining the plant’s operations and has resulted in cost savings of 15%.


Standard CAPEX Approval Process in Industries Today

In order to Purchase Capital Equipment for a Process or Utility Plant, the Plant Management usually submits the Proposal for CAPEX Expenditure and await the Approval and Funding from their Senior Management.

TRADITIONALLY, This Process is always of Longer Duration (Minimum 12 Months to Max 24 Months). This is due to Two Major Business Reasons of Customer:

  • The First Priority of any Business Firm will always be towards Funding to upgrade the Existing Machineries and Accessories of their Process or Utility Plant with Latest Technology such that the Day to Day Operations & Production never gets affected
  • Any Fund available if invested on Plant or Business Expansion makes Higher Business Sense than being invested & blocked on Energy Efficiency/Conservation Equipment

TurboTech Energy’s offering of Projects on ESCO (Energy Service Company) Basis

We at TurboTech Energy, Agree with the above CAPEX decision making of Customer of Process and Utility Industries a 100%.

At the same time, we wanted these Customers to be technically and commercially benefited through the Installation and Operation of Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Equipments.

Accordingly, we arrived with the Plan of TurboTech Energy ESCO Offering where in:

TurboTech Energy will Build, Own, Operate, Maintain and Service the Energy Efficiency Equipments at Customer Plant/Site at the Expense of TurboTech Energy…

In Return:

Customer will pay on a monthly or quarterly basis, only for the Energy Cost Saved at a Discounted Price that is mutually discussed, agreed and signed upon as a Long Term Contract

Ultimate Benefits for End Customer

  1. Customer need not allocate CAPEX for any Energy Efficiency Project. Instead, those funds shall be allocated and invested for their Business Expansion and Growth.
  2. Payment is made only against the Energy Saving Demonstrated and Delivered. This goes like Pay as you use Energy Service that offers both comfort and convenience with zero downside.
  3. The Energy Savings translates to Operational Cost Savings. It directly adds to the Bottom
    Line of the Organization.

Our Execution Methodology of ESCO Projects

Phase 1

Project Identification, Discussions & Contract Sign Off


Phase 2

Post Contract Sign Off (Execution, O&M, Service, CRM & C.I)